Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Gardens Week 16

We have one pumpkin that's almost entirely orange

Look at the difference a week makes!

Our biggest pumpkin is probably slightly bigger than a soccer ball? It's not even the tiniest bit orange, so I'm hopeful it'll continue to gain some size for a bit longer. I guess we'll see!

Our tiniest pumpkin is nearly orange as well, and I think the cucumbers might be as big as they're going to get

There's some definate color change since last week, but no growth!

The vining plants' leaves have really started to rot and die off, but I'm assured that's normal at this point. We still have a ton of leafy carrot greens in Connor's gardens, but no sign of any actual carrots beyond a few weeks ago. The lettuce is still producing, but the leaves aren't growing nearly as big as they were just a few weeks ago! I'm thinking there probably isn't much time until the gardens are done for the season!


Kaci said...

Ooo look at the orange!

Betsy said...

They look great! =)