Monday, December 12, 2011

Respectful Student of the Month

Miss Emily Grace won an award at school last week for the Student of the Month program they do. There is a theme each month, and this month's theme was "respectful." Usually the teacher chooses one student, but I guess Em's teacher has the class vote each month, by writing down one person's name. Em and her friend Erin tied, so both won the award. Kind of neat that she was chosen by her classmates!

I didn't find out until less than three hours before the awards "ceremony" that she was getting the award, and was heading out the door to Seattle for the Deck the Hall Ball, so frantically called my friend Jami to see if she'd take pictures for me (her daughter was getting the award as well), and then called and begged grandparents to attend in my place, so she'd have SOMEONE there to support her!


classic nervous Emily expression! If you see her biting her lip, she's nervous, embarrassed, and/or stressed. LOL

posing with Grandpa Dan after the assembly was over

Congratulations Emily Grace! Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you, and we're sorry we didn't get to see you receive your award in person. XOXO


Kaci said...

WTG Em!!

Betsy said...

It is wonderful that you had family who could step in and go though! =) Congrats Miss Emily! You are amazing!

Lisa said...

Congratulations Emily!! I've been meaning to tell you that we were there for Macy too & that we cheered extra loud when we heard Emily's name! :)