Thursday, May 31, 2012

Ask and you shall receive...

Near the top of Emily Grace's birthday wish list was a new robe. It's not really the time of year to find robes for kids in stores, and I wasn't inspired by much online (too expensive, not quite what I was looking for, etc.), so I decided to MAKE her a robe instead.

Her one request is that the robe be nice and LONG with lots growing room. This one is just shy of touching the floor and has bit thick cuffs that can be let out as her arms grow.

As it turned out, the robe pattern I found also included directions for pajamas, so I made matching pajama bottoms

I decided I wanted to give her a full pajama set, without having to mess with making a matching fleece top, so I got the "brilliant" (if I do say so myself! LOL) idea to buy a shirt in a coordinating color, then I cut out an owl with my Cricut, and made a bleach design. I think it turned out pretty cute, and Emily LOVED it


Kaci said...

Amaze balls! I want one! =)

Betsy said...

That is totally cute!

Shan said...

So cute! I bow to your mad skillz.