Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy 10th Birthday Emily Grace

Dear Emily,

It seems like just yesterday you were thrilled to be "one whole hand!" (age five), and now you're TWO full hands.  Where did the time go?

Sometimes I look at you and am just blown away by your grace, confidence, and maturity.  And then you'll do something like poke your brother in the back on your way past him in the hallway and I'm reminded that you're not quite grown up just yet!  *grin*  I see glimpes of the little girl you once were, and of the woman you're becoming, and I'm so proud of all of it.

The past year brought a lot of changes, including, but not limited to: your first time doing karaoke, learning to really swim (which, even though you hated, you gritted your teeth and mastered, earning your way into level 6 before I finally let you quit!), performing in the talent show, performing in your first piano recital, and getting to perform in a play.  I always thought you'd be more quiet and reserved like me, but as you get older, you take more and more after your daddy!  You will truly go far in life, and you'll have a great time doing it.

I enjoy seeing your love of dance and piano, I've enjoyed seeing you take a MUCH stronger interested in curling up with a good book, and I've loved seeing you strengthen friendships that began in Kindergarten, all the while welcoming new friendships as they come along.  You're a true friend to everyone who knows you.  You have a caring heart, a gentle spirit, and the world is a better place with you in it.

Happy 10th Birthday my sweet Emily Grace.  I look forward to seeing what age 10 brings you!  XOXO

Love, Mommy


Kaci said...

Happy 10th Birthday sweet Emily! XOXO

Betsy said...

I absolutely love these letters. They will be priceless treasures as your children get older.