Tuesday, May 8, 2012

License Plates

I was out driving with some friends yesterday, and while stuck in traffic, we saw the following license plate, so I immediately handed my phone to my friend Kim and made her take a picture:


My mom's name is Marlee, and I really haven't met any other people with the same name AND the same spelling. With the license plate being Marlee2, I'm assuming somewhere out there is a Marlee1...

What do you think, mom? Change your plates to Marlee3? *grin*


Kaci said...

LOL! Oh Leah

Marlee - Leah Mae's mama said...

When I was a kid in the car with my parents, I saw a girl with "Marlee" printed on her sweatshirt as we drove by. That was the only time I saw my name spelled the same way till it was on the side of an apartment building in Port Orchard. I made Jeff stop and take a picture of me standing under "MARLEE Apartments".