Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Geocaching with Grandma!

The kids and I took my mom geocaching last week on her birthday. I'd purposely mapped out some caches near my favorite coffee stand so I could drive through and treat my mom and I to coffee.

The first cache we took her to was one we'd found previously, so I made the kids stay in the car so they wouldn't spoil it for her. (I always take new people to caches I've found before so they are guaranteed at least one successful experience.) After she found it, I let the kids out of the car to pose for a picture. Fun Fact: This cache was also the first one that Emily Grace found! (It was actually her suggestion to do this one first so she and Grandma would be matching)

We drove through for coffee and then made attempts at finding the two caches just down the street. We couldn't find the first of the two. The second one I had found before, but none of my kids had, so I figured it would be a fun one to watch my mom and the kids searching for it. When we arrived, I could tell right away it was not there. Very disappointing!

So far we were 1 for 3 and I was feeling bad that my mom's first geocaching experience wasn't all it could have been. Time-wise we were running short on time so we picked two more caches to try (one near-ish to where we were, and another very near home).

We tromped off-path for a bit to find the first one. The kids actually found some things they were interested in trading for (a lot of times the caches are just full of major junk). We drove to the last cache for the afternoon, and got to explore an old cemetary. The clue for the cache said we didn't need to enter the cemetary to find it, but after unsuccessfully searcing for the cache, we figured we might as well peek at all the grave stones. We found two that we're pretty sure are relatives of ours (through my dad's side). The kids enjoyed looking at the old dates on the graves and recognizing some last names of people we know (whether or not they're relatives of people we know is another story!).

We ended the afternoon 2 for 5, my most unsuccessful geocaching outing to date, but we enjoyed the warm sunny day, and the time spent together!

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