Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Monkey Crochet

Emily got a little instruction book for crocheting tiny animals as part of a birthday gift from one of her good friends. Em's still working on the basics right now, but I was looking through the instruction book and found a monkey pattern! I figured it would whip up pretty quickly, based on it's completed size, so set to work making it for Connor.

Turns out, the tiny little monkey was a royal pain in the behind, and I told him he'd better be careful not to lose/destroy the little monkey because I wasn't making him another one! The other animals look like they will be much easier; it was the skinny little arms, legs, and tail that made the monkey so tricky. I was actually supposed to stuff the arms and legs and tail, and that was absolutely NOT happening. The little monkey is lucky to have his hands and feet stuffed! LOL

He still needs eyes, and I went ahead and added the green shirt "just for fun", but all in all, he's pretty cute, and Connor was thrilled to get him. Connor named him Tiny.



Anonymous said...

I have such a love/hate relationship with amigurumi. It looks great!

Kaci said...

I love it!! Sooooo cute!! =)