Monday, August 6, 2012


Dan bought the kids a minibike three years ago, and Connor, who was only three years old at the time, was obsessed with it. That first summer, Emily was too nervous to really WANT ride it, and neither of the boys were big enough, much to Connor's extreme disappointment. Thankfully for him, I could put him in front of me and take him for little rides. The second summer, we got Emily on it for short turns at a time, Jared was slightly more willing than she was, but Connor was still too small. Emily was really getting her confidence when the minibike stopped working. This summer, Dan's grandpa came to town for a few weeks and spent a few days tinkering around with it and got it running again. All three kids have been enjoying it, but Connor would practically live on it if he could. Nothing like waiting THREE years to finally be big enough and coordinated enough to ride something you've been dying to ride!!! The other two will take a few turns, and then have their fill, but Connor rides around and around and AROUND the yard. He rode for 45 minutes straight the other afternoon!

I had a picture of Emily as well, but it won't load properly.

Here is Jared:

And here is Connor: (Don't you love the gardening gloves he insisted on wearing? haha!)

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Kaci said...

Oh dear, here comes trouble. =)