Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Blackberry Pie

A couple of years ago, I picked a bunch of blackberries from the alley behind our house and made my very first blackberry pie. The recipe I used came from the Internet, and the only reason I chose it was because it was the simplest, most basic recipe I could find.

Dan raved about the pie. The neighbors raved about the pie. The kids raved about the pie. I don't even eat blackberry pie so I couldn't put in my own opinion, but apparently it was good.

I've made it several times since and it's a hit each time.

From this:

To this!

I'm not sure if freezing and then thawing the berries will change the taste of the completed pie, but I picked enough berries this year to freeze and use for two more pies, which I figure I'll make for Dan and the kids this winter when we need a taste of summer!


Leah Mae's Mama said...

Your pie looks yummy! I baked two pies from berries I froze last summer and everyone told me they tasted delicious. Your family will enjoy the pies this winter.

Kaci said...

Mmmm I want some, send me a piece! =)