Friday, September 7, 2012


Jared had a free consultation with the orthodontist last week. The ortho was running super late that day, so the gal that put us in the room came back and got out some toys/games for the kids. The boys happily played tic-tac-toe!

x-rays show that Jared's teeth are a bit of a crowded mess. He needs to get the two baby upper cuspids pulled to make room for the permanent lateral incisors to FINALLY drop down. The permanent upper cuspids don't look in great alignment to me, but the orthodontist said we'd focus on one problem at a time, and that with any luck, with the baby teeth extracted, the permanent teeth can shift and come down properly.

They baby teeth will be extracted as soon as we can schedule an appointment (dentist is closed this week so we have to wait), and then we go back to the ortho in 10 months for another consultation (unless myself or our dentist have further concerns before then).

And so it starts... $$$$$ aughhh!

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Kaci said...

Yep, Elly's teeth are $$$$$$$$ yikes.