Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Down on the farm

Connor got invited to a birthday party at a local park this past weekend, and included in the party was pony rides and a petting zoo! For my little animal lover, this was about the coolest party he's ever attended.

From the minute the pony showed up, Connor was attached to the owner's hip, asking questions, petting the pony, offering to help brush it, etc. Once the petting zoo was set up, Connor couldn't get into the pen fast enough!

I don't remember what this thing is, but it's the 2nd largest rodent (a Cavy or something like that?). It was super friendly and Connor happily pet it for the longest time.

FINALLY got a turn on the pony!


Testing out some goofy glasses which were decorating the party tables.

The party was for a little girl who just moved to the area. VERY nice family, but wow, did they set the bar high!! LOL I had to drag a crying Connor away from the animals when it was time to go. He loved the experience!

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Kaci said...

Dang!! That is one awesome party!! I love the first picture, adorable!