Thursday, December 13, 2012

Holiday Spirit

Ignore the ugly plastic in the background of this photo... Our neighborhood is having a new water system put in (which has been going on for what feels like FOREVER now!), and someone decided that the shoulder where the school bus picks up the kids would be a fantastic place to leave giant piles of dirt covered in plastic (which still manages to make a really disgusting muddy mess in the rain!).

That said, here are the kids sporting their holiday hats! Connor's is a knit Christmas tree hat I made back when he was just a baby (one of my very first projects, and obviously I wasn't too clear on how to adjust patterns properly! LOL! This tree hat will fit him forever, I think!). Em's is a crochet hat I whipped up for her this month (she wants me to make sure and point out that the white stripes and the white flower are sparkly), and Jared's elf hat is a crochet hat I actually used a PAID pattern for.



Jared likes his hat so much, he's even been sleeping with it on!

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Kaci said...

I love those hats! You're so talented!