Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Quote of the Week

As we were driving home from swim team one night last week, Connor started telling me about how he'd taken too long writing in his journal that morning, so didn't get to play the math game with his class. I asked why it took him so long to work in his journal, and he said it was because he was supposed to write about someone special to him, and why that person was special. He said he had too many special people and too many reasons, and so he couldn't think of what to write. I asked him who he finally decided on, and he said, (in a very "DUH!" tone of voice) "YOU! Wanna know why? Because you helped me get born!" Then he quickly added, "Well, Daddy helped too. (pause) A LOT!" I had to fight to keep from laughing, and then had a moment of "panic" that Jared or Emily had shared the birds/bees info with Connor (despite being told NOT to!), but then Connor added, "Well, he did help! He married you so you could have me." TOO FUNNY, and TOO CUTE!

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Kaci said...

He's so cute! XO