Monday, December 3, 2012

Wounded Wing

Jared fell down at recess a few weeks ago and hurt his arm, but didn't say anything to anyone. After school, we went out for ice cream with his grandpa, and as we were leaving the restaurant, Jared said that his arm was bothering him. I rolled up his sleeve and discovered that his forearm near his elbow was pretty swollen, and while it didn't hurt to move his arm around, it was sensitive to the touch and he couldn't bear any weight with it. Off to Prompt Care we went to get it checked out! They ruled out a break and decided he'd probably strained the muscles and the tendon. They stuck him in a brace to keep his wrist still (which would keep the muscle and tendon relatively still, as well as discourage him from trying to use his arm too much). 3.5 days in the brace and another couple of days of taking it easy and he seemed good as new!

Jared wasn't very happy to have to miss swim team and and water polo... He even said he wished he'd never told me his arm was hurting because he really wanted to go! Gotta love a kid who's dedicated to his sport! LOL

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Kaci said...

Poor Jared! =( Ouch!