Thursday, April 3, 2008

Another Thwarted Attempt

I have VERY FEW pictures of all three of my children together. Well, I have very few pictures of all three of my children together THAT ARE WORTH PRINTING AND DISPLAYING, I guess I should say. I tried the other day. I really really tried.

Emily was only concerned that her flower would show. Jared was more concerned with the next thing on his "to do" list, and Connor wanted NO part of it.

After ONE fast, half-hearted smile, Jared was GONE

Connor was done before we even started and threw himself down on the ground, then took off and was GONE

But the camera-ham, diva-girl hung around and cooperated

Then Jared wondered why I was taking so many pictures of Emily and wanted a turn as well, and I got a GREAT one of Em and J together (only two out of three kids, though)

And I ended up with decent enough pics which in sepia-tone, worked out pretty great for signature picture on a mommy website I'm a part of


Cattigan said...

I have those same kids in my household, also. One of these days I hope for a picture that doesn't involve lots of bribery :)

Betsy said...

OMG I love love love the one of Emily and Jared. BEAUTIFUL!

Auntie said...

Great photo shoot!!! EG and J look a lot a like in today's photo but I have never thought that before.
I think it is their mouths mostly.
Connor is too busy to stop for a photo shoot! Busy baby!

Steph said...

Loved the pictures!

Kellan said...

What a cute post and I love all the pictures - so adorable!!!

Hope you are having a good week Leah - see ya - Kellan

Kaci said...

Those are cute!! El's getting to be a butt about pictures lately too.

Jen said...


amy said...

such beautiful kids!!

Mommy said...

Great pics, cute kids, and hey my daughter has that same skirt!