Tuesday, April 1, 2008

My Purse

Maria tagged me for a purse meme, so here I go...

My purse was given to me by my friend Beth, who said it was far too small for her own use any longer, and it "bothered" her that all I had was little travel-style purse (basically big enough for a checkbook, an ID and maybe a few small items like tampons and a chapstick or something). I never NEEDED more space, but now that I HAVE more space, I find that I'm USING IT. LOL!

Here it is from the front:

Here it is from the back:

Here's the top-open view: (my camera is generally in that other little pocket you see EMPTY in the picture)

In the little zippered pocket on the backside, I have some chapstick, a compact powder, my allergy eye drops, some OTC pain meds in a baggy from who-knows-how-long-ago, and some coupons for the JCPenney Portrait Studio, and apparently, that's also where I stashed my birth stone ring the day I showed up at Jared Galleria to pick up my Mother's Ring.

In the front section, I have my cell phone, my new bluetooth (which I only got because my friend Liz could get them at a can't-pass-it-up price, but I hardly ever use my cell phone, so I don't really NEED the bluetooth, but you just NEVER KNOW), my change purse, some cough drops, a paper with Em's classroom phone number on it, as well as the phone number for Transportation in case there's a problem involving the school bus (because I've been too lazy to program those numbers into my phone), a pack of gum, a scrunchy, a heart-shaped chocolate, and a lollipop.

Did I mention it's a Santa lollipop? Think it's been in there for awhile?

In the back section, I have my checkbook, a little pink calculator (it was $1 at Target one day!), the kids' immunization records (because otherwise I forget to show up with the records for appts if they aren't already with me in my purse!), two pens, and a little book Emily made that I like to pull out and brag on from time to time (it reads from back to front, and she has the "front" labled "begining", and the end labled "the end").

In the little middle zipper section, I have some credit cards (not pictured) and some somewhat outdated pictures of the kids, and a Starbucks gift card

And that's my purse! I now tag Kristina, Betsy, Cattigan, Kaci, Jen, Shan, Valarie, and Chanin


Anonymous said...

Wow is about all Chris and I could come up with...

Cattigan said...

That's awfully organized! LOL

Motherhood for Dummies said...

I have been loving these purse memes that have been going around, they are just fun :)

Valarie said...

OH my gosh! This was fun. I haven't seen this one yet.

Kristina said...

I love it!! I can't wait to go home and do it myself! It's amazing how much we find we have a need for if we have the space, you know? I think if I had a bigger house, I would still have a storage problem...

Kellan said...

Fun to see what is in everyone's purses. Mine is always such a mess and I'd be embarrassed to show what is inside. I like that purse - cute!!

Have a good evening Leah - see ya - Kellan

Kaci said...

Oh snap...I just (swear) cleaned out my purse this morning because I couldn't find my atm card and I searched all my pants, sweatshirts hoodies, etc. So the time came that I had to look deep and hard in my purse and low and behold it was in my wallet just in a different spot. But I will play along...only because I have free time right now and Jon's not home for a few hours. LMAO! :)

Betsy said...

Oh MAN!!! I will try my hardest to get to it tonight, but with my first day of school!! YAY! And I ditto what Cattigan said, awfully orginized... lol

Maria said...

Hi Leah! Thanks for doing this! It's neat, isn't it?

Auntie said...

Leah Mae,
You would find pennies covered with sticky gum in the bottom of my purse! And expired coupons
and tampons that could use a wrapper. I think I better clean mine out. By the way, I daily read your girl's blogs but what is a meme again??? I know a SAHM
is a stay at home mom. I wish I was a SAHA (stay at home auntie)