Sunday, April 13, 2008

MS Walk

Yesterday was the MS Walk I'd been gearing up for the last few weeks. For those of you that don't know, the MS Walk is something I try to do every year (assuming I'm not rather heavily pregnant at the time, which means I've missed it three times in the last eight years since we've started participating!). It's a way to raise money for treatment and research of Multiple Sclerosis, a disease which affects both of my parents currently, and which took my aunt's life when I was nine. The walk for our area was five miles, and we couldn't have asked for a better day for the event. I walked with my mom (pictured middle left), her friend, Mary(far left), and my friend/cousin-in-law-to-be, Jessica (far right).

I'd like to publicly acknowledge and thank the following people for sponsoring me in this event; I was able to raise the $250 I'd hoped to raise:

My Aunt Pam and Uncle Tom
My friend Kris
My cousin Tiff and her husband, Aaron
My friend Syra
My Aunt Tee
My in-laws, Dan and Michele
My daddy
and myself (LOL...I needed the last $25 to reach my goal!)

Another friend's mom said she would donate, but I didn't find out until after I'd turned in my money and pledge sheets, so I need to figure out getting another pledge envelope or something!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU to you generous people who were able/willing to sponsor me for this year's walk. Every dollar counts and you're making a wonderful difference in the lives of many people.


amy said...

That is so great that you try to do that every year and for such a worthy cause!! Looks like it was beautiful weather too!

Steph said...

Hmm you reminded me that I need to get to there and do this, I used to do the MS walk in DC many years ago.

Betsy said...

My grandmother included. Thankyou Leah for your commitment to the cause, I hope next year to help you reach your goal!!

Kaci said...

You are so awesome Leah!! You ROCK!

kimmy said...

Great job! When I lived in Boston I used to do the 20 mile Walk for Hunger every year! It was exhausting, but for such a great cause! YEAH FOR YOU!!!!


Shan said...

Awesome! You are inspiring!

Jen said...

You rock!