Monday, April 28, 2008


The new bunk beds for the boys finally made their way to our house yesterday late afternoon. We got the lower portion put together last night because Jared was excited to have his new bed, and we'll put the upper portion on tonight, probably. Neither Dan nor I trust Connor having anything to do with the ladder in that room (not for any navigational purposes on and off the ladder, but more what he'd do once he's up FALL OFF), so Jared will stay in the lower bunk for probably another year and Connor will be in the little toddler bed. We'll just keep the ladder totally off for now, except the special occasions we plan to allow Emily up in the top bunk for "sleepovers" with her brothers. My other plan had been to keep Connor in the crib until this weekend and THEN work on getting him to stay put in the toddler bed when we weren't worried about everyone getting enough sleep for school/work the next day. HE, however, had far different plans, and as soon as Mr. Jared was settled into HIS new bed, Connor ran over, climbed into the toddler bed, propped his head up on one arm, then pointed to his crib in demand of his pillow, blanket, and sippy cup of water. He was far too adorable to resist!!! I have to admit I'm A LOT sad seeing my "baby" moved into a "big boy" bed. This time, there's no new BABY baby (of mine) on the way to take his place, and the crib will be gone within the next week or two, heading to my friend Bree, and HER new baby.

Jared is soooo excited about his new bed!!

Connor is sooooooo excited about HIS new bed as well!!

Jared, sound asleep:

Connor, sound asleep:

Connor, sound asleep, ON THE FLOOR????

That last one really cracked me up when I went in to check on the boys. I have no clue if he fell out, woke up enough to grab at his pillow and pull it down with him, or if he and the pillow all fell out at once, or what??

You can kind of see the crib next to the toddler bed in the pictures where Connor is still IN bed. I'm pretty sure we're taking it down today, then the bunks will go on THAT wall, and the toddler bed will go back on the wall where it was before (where Jared's bed is at the moment).



Kaci said...

AWHHHHHHHH bless them!!

shell said...

whatever you totally staged that last picture!!!

Anonymous said...

Cute Leah! I love it! -just some internet surfer.

Shari said...

I know what you mean about "the last baby" thing. When my oldest went through her milestones, it didn't bother me. Now that my youngest has gone through more milestones, I feel saddened because I don't have another wee one to watch go through milestones.

I don't blame you for keeping that ladder off. The worry!!!

Take care.

Jessica said...

They love the new beds.. I think it is sooo cute! Hope they do ok tonight!!!!

Betsy said...

I hope they did better tonight then naptime :) lol.

Valarie said...

How cute. We have been looking at bunk beds for our boys, but I haven't decided if I think they are just way too psycho for them. We'll see.