Thursday, April 24, 2008

It's all about the poop

We went to the zoo today with Jared's preschool class. The first stop was the elephant exhibit and the kids were excited and chattering away as they watched the elephant eat. After about a minute, they'd kind of had their fill, overall, of watching it eat and they got a little quieter. Suddenly, the "silence" (I use that word loosely becuase it wasn't totally quiet, but quieter than when we'd first stopped) was broken by Jared announcing to his friends (rather loudly), "I think that elephant is going to do a gigantic POOP!"

And yesterday, all he and his little friend Logan talked about was POOP POOP POOP! No matter how many times I reminded them WE DON'T TALK ABOUT POOP (especially at the table), it wasn't long before I'd hear little boy giggles, mouth-made toot sounds, and some dialogue involving POOP. UGH

What is it about poop that children find so fascinating?


Kaci said...

LOL!!!!!!! Nicccce! I dunno El likes to toot at the dinner table and it drives me nuts.

Kellan said...

How funny about the elephant - HA! Yes - boys are very reoccupied with POOP and Far*s - Men are the same way - aren't they?

Have a good evening Leah - see ya - Kellan

Auntie said...

Boys love potty talk. I don't know why but it cracks them up.
Girls really don't go through that stage for some reason.
Remember when Marc, Tyler, and Pher made Pee balls when we went camping? You told on them.

Betsy said...

How funny. Boys and poo. Ick. Makes me glad I had two girls.... lol

Valarie said...

I'm not sure what is so fascinating about poop. But if you find out how to explain that it is inappropriate to talk about and get him to understand, let me know so I can explain it to my husband as well!!! Apparently, the poop fascination gene runs rampant in grown men, as well.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Grandpa Dan should hide the fart machine

Grandpa Dan

Steph said...

I hate to tell you but they will still talk about poop in Kindergarten, at least they did yesterday when i went witht he kindergarten class to the Zoo :)Have a great weekend