Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mother's Day Dinner

My brother and his fiance invited their families over Sunday night for a dinner in celebration of Mother's Day. I thought it was a very nice idea and it turned out really well. They had three long tables set up, with white cloth tablecloths on them, each table had a little vase with Rhododendron flowers in them, and they had some need paper lantern style lights hanging. Alisa and I rolled up all the "silver"ware (plastic!) in paper napkins and tied them with ribbon as a little added touch. We ate outdoors under the carport where there was room for everyone, and it went really well! The kids got to run around outside and play Badminton, blow bubbles, kick a soccer ball, etc. The adults got to sit around and visit... The meal was fabulous. We had ham, some pasta, seasoned potatoes, rolls, salad, and dessert. My favorite part was that the mother's in attendance got to dish up first, which left Dan in charge of dishing up our three kids instead of me! *grin*

Not everyone was sitting down yet when I took this picture, but you can see Emily and my mom and dad on the right, then my BIL and FIL on the left (my MIL had a work trip she had to leave for that afternoon, so I'd invited my BIL and FIL to come with us since we're usually at their house for Sunday dinner)
mothers day


Cindy Lou Who said...

How nice! Looks like you had a good time. What a thoughtful Brother!

Kaci said...

How fun Leah!! :) Sounds like it was a good time! XOXO

Betsy said...

That does sound like a good time!!