Monday, August 10, 2009

Sand and surf

This is Kristina, from Confusaled. Late last night Kaci and I got an e-mail message from Leah. The purpose of her message was to let us know that she and her family are headed to the beach for the week. She also told us that she is sick, sick, sick so she didn't have time to set up blog posts. (Ironic side note: when Leah and the kids were visiting me last week, she told me about this beach trip. It's not necessarily an annual thing, but they try to make it to the beach with Dan's folks each year. Here's the ironic part - EVERY time they've gone on this trip, at least one person has been sick. The last time they went, her whole family was violently throwing up and feverish. She's jumping the gun this time! She got sick before they even headed out the door!)

Leah invited Kaci and I to "feel free to hi-jack" her blog and do posts for her if we had time. Because she was asking so late she didn't want us to feel obligated, however, in case we didn't have time to do it.

Sooo...long story short, Kaci and I may be able to do some posting for Leah this week, but I'm not sure how regular we'll be. Check in every once in awhile to see if there's something new, and be sure to come back next week when she'll hopefully be in good health with lots of great stories to tell about the beach.

If you are interested in hearing a few cute stories about Leah's kids from their visit to Kennewick last week, head over to my blog and check out today's entry (Monday's).

Hopefully I'll be seeing you soon - either here or at Confusaled!

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Kaci said...

At least one person is on the ball...LOL! :)