Friday, November 5, 2010

Lesson Learned!

Connor started taking swimming lessons at the YMCA this week (first time he's ever had lessons). The showers in the Family Changing Rooms have both a regular over-head shower nozzle and a hand-held nozzle. There's a knob to turn to choose which one you want to use. After one of his lessons, I stood in the shower, carefully aimed the hand-held nozzle away from me, then turned on the water to test the temperature to shower Connor off with. Instead of the water coming out of the hand-held nozzle, which was aimed away from me, it came out from the over-head nozzle, which was aimed STRAIGHT AT MY FACE!!! FREEZING cold water blasted down all over my face, hair, and arms as I tried to protect myself, and I scrambled to turn the water back off. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! My hair toweled off without much evidence of having gotten wet, and somehow, my legs escaped being more than just mildly damp (nothing really even noticeable visually), my face towel-dried, but my shirt sleeves were SOAKED. Thankfully, it was a dark shirt and pretty thin, so it didn't show too much and dried rather quickly!

You'd better believe I plan to more carefully check whether the water is set to come out of the hand-held nozzle or the over-head nozzle from now on!!!!

FYI, Connor has only had two days of swim lessons so far, and he's done fantastically! He sticks his face in when they tell him to, jumps in when they tell him to, etc. I'm very impressed!! His siblings weren't cooperative AT ALL at his age. I guess the difference is that Connor has been asking for lessons, instead of us forcing them on him like we did his siblings... LOL When Connor puts his mind to something, he follows through, so I've no doubt he'll be swimming in the near future!!

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Betsy said...

That is so funny Leah! Something I would do I am sure =) And so glad that Connor is enjoying the lessons. One of three isn't bad! lol