Thursday, November 4, 2010

Um... ????

My guess is that the photographer spent approximately one half second attempting to get Jared to smile before taking this picture. In the "comments" section of the order form, I wrote "please make sure his hair is laying flat and that his collar is straight." I guess I should have written, "Please make sure my child is smiling nicely, and not partially cross-eyed." LOL

Dan says school pictures are supposed to be goofy. I say I paid good money for school pictures and want them to at least be DECENT!! We'll be getting retakes for him on Monday! Keep your fingers crossed they don't come back WORSE! LOL!!


Betsy said...

ROFL! I love that picture Leah. You will have all kinds of ammo for future girlfriends! :D

Kaci said...

Bummer!! Ugh!

Cattigan said...

This looks very similar to Cameron's picture!

Cindy Lou Who said...

where's his teeth? LOL
I hate it when that happens..