Thursday, May 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Emily Grace

Dear Emily,

9 years ago today, you turned me into a mother ON Mother's Day, and I couldn't have asked for a more amazing gift. It's hard to believe that 9 years have passed so quickly. One minute, you were my tiny baby (if you can call 9lbs 3oz tiny!), and now you're this amazing young lady.

Since last year, you have taken up piano lessons, and you continue to amaze me with how quickly you've picked up the process of playing. When you first started back in September, there were countless tears of frustration, and I was really regretting that we'd signed you up. Then, somewhere along the way, a lightbulb went off, and everything fell into place! Your teacher has repeatedly told me she's amazed at how quickly you've picked it up, and how you have the steadiest pace of any kid your age. You can read notes quite quickly, and really seem to have a feel for the music. I will never get tired of seeing how content you look sitting at the piano, creating music. You used to spend half your baby days crawling/toddling your way over to the piano to bang away at the keys; I should have known you were destined to be a piano player!

You're still doing ballet and tap, and I LOVE how much you LOVE to dance! I think the worst punishment I could ever come up with for you would be to make you miss a dance class. *grin* Some people are adults before they find that THING in life they truly have a passion for, and you were lucky enough to discover BY age three that dancing was for you. I look forward to seeing where it takes you in life!

You love spending time with your family and friends. You don't think you're too big to hold my hand in the parking lot. You don't worry about hugging or kissing me in front of your friends. You still sleep with your stuffed lamb, Lambie at night (though she no longer accompanies you on sleepovers!). You're favorite part of the day is snuggling in your bed with your daddy, talking about your day. Your brothers drive you nuts a lot of the time, but you love them fiercely. You love to help bake. You hate to do chores. You take a THOUSAND YEARS to do homework. You're eager to please (friends and family alike).

You LOVE LOVE LOVE your dog, Charlie. The first thing you do when you get home is gather Charlie in your arms for a snuggle, and if you were allowed to take him EVERYWHERE with you, you would. Charlie better live a LONG LONG LONG life, because I don't know what you would do without him. I've never seen a kid love a pet as much as you love Charlie!

I lovingly call you my little scatterbrain, because given a list of 2-3 things to do, you manage to do one, and then space out and forget the rest. We've tried punishments, bribes, hearing tests, etc. and I'm finally resigned to the fact that you are who you are and I can only give you one direction at a time (and then need to follow through that you completed the task). You never purposely put off a task, or refuse to do it (unless it's emptying the litter box!), you are just so aware of EVERYTHING around you, it's easy to notice something else along the way and shift focus. Even when you were a TINY baby, we'd comment on how carefully you looked at EVERYTHING, and how even as you got older, you always sat back and took it all in, instead of jumping in and exploring your world. You might drive me nuts that you get so distracted, but I have to appreciate how you really do notice everything around you, instead of rushing through life with everything on the sidelines being a blur. I could take a few lessons from you, I'm sure!

I'm so proud of the sweet, caring young lady you are, and I look forward to seeing what life holds for you! It breaks my heart just a little that you are halfway to 18 years old already, and I hope the next 9 years don't fly by as quickly as the first 9 have. You will always be my sweet baby girl, no matter how old you get!

You are sugar and spice and everything nice, with a side of hot sauce thrown in for good measure. You laugh big, you love big; you basically wear your heart on your sleeve, and work to make those around feel happy and loved.

Happy 9th birthday, my sweet baby girl! I wish you a year full of happiness, humor, adventure, good health, peace, and FUN!

Love, Mommy


Kaci said...

Great, now I'm crying.


Happy Birthday sweet Emily, I love watching, and reading, you grow. I can still remember seeing pictures of you when you were 2 (or maybe even younger) and how much fun we had in PA. XOXO

Love ya Princess Emily!

Betsy said...

I'm crying too! Happy Birthday Miss Emily!! =)