Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Inquisitive Student of the Month

Jared earned the Inquistive Student of the Month award for his class last week! Each month, there is a theme at the kids' school, and at the end of the month, one student from each class wins the award for that theme.

Jared's teacher said this about him:

"Jared is a student eager to learn. He shows GREAT enthusiasm for new concepts being taught. He loves to share background knowledge of any particular subject, adding interesting facts. He makes teaching and learning fun. I appreciate his inquisitive mind, asking questions to gain more information."

I had to LAUGH when she said he loves to share background knowledge... LOL! Jared is a real sharp cookie, and truly does almost ALWAYS have some little tip or fact to add. At the beginning of the year, his teacher had commented that while it's almost always relevant and interesting information, she really needs him to raise his hand before sharing, and to allow other kids to have a turn as well. Fast forward to the end of the year, and he's getting an award for volunteering extra info and requesting further details. *grin*

Jared, you are an old soul in a young body, with a sharp little mind. You continue to amaze me with the amount of information your retain and USE in life (Especially if it's Star Wars related!). School never came as easily for me as it does for you, and I hope you always have a passion for learning everything there is to know, and always find joy in sharing your knowledge, and gaining new information and skills. You have amazed me your entire life, and I will never tire of cheering on your accomplishments!

Way to ask those questions, and way to LEARN LEARN LEARN! I'm soooooo proud of you, buddy!!!


Kaci said...

WTG Jare Bear!! =)

Betsy said...

Way to go J!! =) I think he fits the bill perfectly.