Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hello, Mr. Crab

Connor's preschool class had a "Family Beach Day" last week, and it happened to be a very low tide, so the kids really got to wander around in the muck looking for shells and sea creatures, etc. Connor discovered a big crab flopped out on the ground, so he nudged at it with his foot a bit to see if it would move, and when it didn't, he assumed it was dead, and picked it up to come show his friends. As he was showing it off, suddenly it's mouth started slowly opening and closely (it's body continued to just hang limply), and preschoolers leaped backwards, screamed, and all hollered for Connor to put it down. He kept insisting it was dead and wanted to keep it; I kept insisting it's mouth WAS moving and we'd better get it back in some water ASAP in case there was any chance of saving it (and in case it got a sudden second wind and tried to pinch Connor!).

At the time I took the picture, he was getting worried that maybe it WAS alive, but still not convinced enough to want to put it down


Always an adventure at the beach!!


Kaci said...

Wow, that thing is huge!

Betsy said...

LOL! That is too funny! I love their expressions. =)