Friday, October 21, 2011

10 things about me

1. I've finally stopped plucking gray hairs off the top of my head, and am doing my best to embrace the "skunk stripe" that's growing in as a result. I'm just not ready for the expense and hassle of dying my hair, but I have to admit, I'm NOT diggin' the stripe.

2. I have babied my back so much in the three years since the car accident, and backed off so much on working out (partly in fear of messing my back up, partly time issues, partly just lazy), and now I have very little strength and flexibility left at this point.

3. I've finished two classes of adult ballet now, and it's kicking my butt. My leg muscles are shaky by the end of class, and I can barely walk the next day! With any luck, the ballet classes will help with the strength and flexibility issues. No, I'm nowhere near being a graceful ballerina, and probably never will be. Yes, I'm sure it's absolutely hysterical to watch me in action.

4. It's a lot harder coming up with blog posts now that all three kids are in school full day! (Or they're doing homework, or are at an activity). The amount of time I physically get to spend with them each day in order to witness all the former blog-worthy moments is very limited now. POUT!

5. My brain also doesn't retain info the way it did prior to having three kids and getting into my 30's. Connor said something hysterical to me on the way to swim lessons on Tuesday, and it would have been a PERFECT blog post. Except, now I can't remember what he said. All I can remember is that I laughed really hard while driving down the road, while thinking to myself, "That's going on my blog!"

6. I'm in awe of Connor's Kindergarten teacher. She has the entire classroom at perfect attention, without ever raising her voice. She gets them to do their work and stay on task. I had a reading group of only SIX KIDS earlier this week and couldn't even keep six kids on task! Connor kept wanting to talk to me, and kept begging to take his glasses off; another girl kept talking and talking (and talking) over me, over the other kids, over herself (I'm serious! She'd interrupt herself to start a new conversation!); one boy was happier playing with the letter squares we were using to build words with than he was actually building the words. One girl told me at least 12 times she didn't want to work, she wanted lunch. I felt like I was running a 3 ring circus with a broken microphone, and no one had bothered to mention I was in charge anyway. How does Connor's teacher do it????

7. I weigh almost as much now as I did 7-8 months pregnant with Emily. And I truly don't even think I look all that big right now, but it's officially in my chart at the doctor's office. So far, I haven't found anyone willing to believe me, but it's the truth! Either I'm currently way bigger than I think, or I was a lot smaller back then than I remember!

8. I may have gone against Dan's wishes and got the kids each a pillow pet to be gifted at Christmas time... They've asked him several times when we see them in stores and it's always a quick, "NO!" and we continue on our way. But there happened to be a much bigger selection at the Holiday Food and Gift Festival than you typically find in-store, and there happened to be a monkey pillow pet, a polar bear pillow pet, and a lamb pillow pet. All three kids' favorite animals, so how could I pass that up? We're debating a small trip around Christmas time instead of a bunch of presents the kids don't need, so I figure they can open a pillow pet with some sort of card attached, giving them the details of the trip. The pillow pets can be used in the car AND the hotel. Everyone's happy. Except Dan, who I'm sure will roll his eyes and wonder why in the world I would buy the kids (especially Connor!) any more stuffed ANYTHING.

9. Speaking of pillow pets,there was an adorable, colorful, crazy looking unicorn pillow pet, which I would have just LOVED to have gotten as a kid (did you know I had a unicorn obsession when I was little?).

10. I lied. There's only 9 things about me. This was harder than I thought. *grin*



Kaci said...

LOL! I saw that unicorn pillow pet and I had no idea you loved them. =) Learned something new today. XO

Betsy said...

I love it!! I always love seeing those things in people's lives that they really don't usually share. And I almost LOL-ed at the post about C's teacher. Feels like my LIFE sometimes =)

Carrie said...

You make me laugh! I don't think I could come up with 10 things about me either. And I'm afraid to ask if the child interupting you 52 times during reading was MY child? I wouldn't put it past her! And Cassie has the unicorn pillow pet, she loves it!