Monday, October 17, 2011

Gardens Week 19

I skipped sharing garden pictures last week because there really wasn't anything worth sharing! This week, however, more of the pumpkins are finally turning orange, though I highly doubt they'll be fully orange by Halloween. Maybe we'll push to have them orange for November as "Fall decorations"... ha!

Our biggest pumpkin (basketball-ish sized) is nice and green. POUT!

The vines are still dying off and the gardens are definitely looking quite scraggly. I have no idea what Em's two butternut squash should look like to know when they're pickable, but they still look a bit on the green side, so I don't think they're quite ready yet. I'm a little disappointed that with that many butternut squash vines growing, all we ended up with were TWO b.squash. Definately getting an earlier start next year, even if we have to beg use of someone's greenhouse!!


Kaci said...

I know I say this with all these garden post, but I'm so impressed! =) WTG!

Betsy said...

Second time will be a charm! =)Looks really good though.