Friday, October 14, 2011

Wrong Elvis

Backstory: We got the book Elf on the Shelf last year for the kids, and the kids chose to name the elf "Elvis Elf." The kids also know about (and talk a lot about) Elvis the singer.

Emily: When is Elvis ever coming back?
Me: Honey, he died; he's not ever coming back.
Emily: (practially shouting) He died?!?!? How'd he die?
Me: (feeling confused at this point in time because she's known how Elvis died for years!) Remember? He did too many drugs and drank too much, and he died.
Emily: (first giving me a very horrified look, which turned into a look of confusion, finally turning into a look of understanding, as she burst out laughing) Not Elvis the singer, Elvis our Elf!! You scared me for a minute!

At which point, I burst out laughing at the mental image of what must have been going through her head as she thought I was telling her that our special Elf from Santa died from doing too many drugs and drinking too much... hahahahaha! It's a Christmas story like you've never heard before! Forget the Elf who wanted to become a dentist. Let's gather the children around to hear about the elf with some serious addiction issues... OH MY!

Not having gone mentally anywhere NEAR Christmas yet (I'm still baffled that it's nearly Halloween), it's easy to see where this story took a wrong turn...

And there's your laugh for the day. You're welcome.


Kaci said...

So funny!!

Shan said...

Oh my gosh that is soooo funny!!

Twisted Tanita said...

LOL Love it!!!!