Wednesday, October 19, 2011


SO, about a month ago, I opened up the cupboard where we keep the plates, pulled a plate halfway off the shelf, when suddenly something from the next shelf up came crashing down, exploding the plate, and leaving me with a shard of glass sticking out of my wrist and blood dripping down my arm. Turns out Jared (who's chore it is to empty the dishwasher) had run out of room on the shelf where we normally store drinking glasses, so found space on the high shelf, and hadn't QUITE been able to push it onto the shelf fully! It was sort of a ticking time-bomb, and thankfully I was the one who opened the cupboard, versus Emily, who I'd almost put in charge of getting out plates!!

I pulled the glass out (It looked like it was barely through the skin, despite all the BLOOD!), washed my wrist, and put pressure on for a few minutes to slow the blood flow and better assess the wound. It was a little "C" shaped wound (Mid-way in size between c and C)and there seemed very little reason to get it checked out. The bleeding had stopped after about ten minutes, it was tiny, the edges were already trying to stick back together... I put some ointment and a bandaid on, and called it good.

The next day, my wrist hurt worse than I would have expected, and I had a pretty decent bruise, but the actual cut was already scabbed over and was so tiny, it was pathetic that it even hurt the way it hurt. I chalked it up to being a tender bruise, and didn't put much more thought into it than that.

Well, now it's been a month, it's still tender to the touch, AND there's a hard lump. I'm kind of thinking the glass shard went in deeper than I thought and left a piece behind when I pulled it out. Here's me kicking myself for not getting it checked out after all...

Now I'm thinking for piece of mind (and hopefully no longer having a tender wrist) I'll be making an appointment to get it looked at.

See how small it is? Think it's possible it's just a knotted up scar and not glass at all? I wouldn't expect such a small wound to still hurt a full month later, though... Any thoughts?


Kaci said...

Ewww gross!! Go get it checked.

Betsy said...

I say get it checked. Not worth losing your hand over. =) Feel better Leah!!