Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Emily, the hairstylist

Emily does my hair while I read out loud from a chapter book to the kids before bed (We're currently reading Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh)


(she's getting quite good at french braiding!)

She also occasionally does my hair while we're watching the boys' water polo practice

And sometimes while the boys are rough-housing with daddy in the playroom (notice Connor off pouting in the corner?? LOL)

It's possible I have bald spots from where she's experimented with weird twists and "rats nests", but for the most part, she treats me very gently, and it's nice to have my hair brushed and played with while I read! It's possible I bribe her by promising to read longer if she keeps brushing... *grin*


Cindy Lou Who said...

she has a future! great job!

Betsy said...

she is amazing! I can't even french braid!!

Kaci said...

Adorable!! I love when El plays with my hair. =)

Shan said...

Very impressive!