Thursday, January 26, 2012

Yarn Projects

All three kids in their finished monster hats:

side view of Jared's (he requested a mohawk!)

The main reason I wanted to learn how to crochet was to be able to do different flowers. There are SO many more options for flowers when you crochet instead of knit. I sat myself down in front of some youtube videos and made these pretty flowers!

I was going to attempt a crocheted rose as well, but the power went out. Instead, I sat down and made a little hat in order to attach one of the flowers I'd already made to it.

The hat pictured above turned out to be too narrow for the baby I had in mind, so I ripped out a few rows, redid the ruffle, reattached the flower, and now I have a hat for a much younger baby (which I'll be sending off sooner than later, Kaci!).

Last, but not least, Connor's teacher had pinned the scarf on the left on Pinterest, and I hunted around on Google for a pattern that came close to what she'd pinned, and made it for her (on the right side). Crummy cell phone picture, but you get the idea!

It's much softer than it looks in the picture, FYI!


Betsy said...

You consistantly stun me with how much you can do!! Wow Leah! Those are all amazing. =)

Kaci said...

I love the scarf LL! =) Awesome!

Shan said...