Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Little Gentleman

At the kids' school, Kindergarteners attend a full day of class M-Th, and have Friday's off. His teacher works at a local boutique on Fridays as a result. Connor ADORES his teacher and often asks if we can stop and see her at her "other work", and always wants to bring her coffee (it's widely known she likes to drink coffee!). We've gone a few times, and have brought her coffee, but I told Connor we really needed to remember to ask her what her favorite coffee is, and could see her the following week instead. His repy? "Just text her!" (in that lovely "duh!" tone of voice). My reply? "Here's my phone; go ahead."

I figured it would be a good way to encourage him to be practicing sounding out words and remembering to use to spaces, etc. The message he sent looked like this:

wut iz yor favrit flavr uv cofe? frum Connor

She replied and told us her favorite flavor of coffee, so CJ and I made plans for Friday, which included purchasing and delivering coffee to his teacher! He also decided he wanted to write her a note and draw her a picture (for privacy purposes on this blog, I've blocked out her last name and place of work).

(he made sure she noticed he used the word "luv" in the note, too. "Do you see that word above my name?" sooo stinkin' adorable!)

(this is the first time I've seen Connor attempting drawing bodies; they're usually just heads with arms and legs! LOL)

Connor melts my heart with how thoughtful and sweet he is. In addition to wanting to deliver coffee and a note/picture to his teacher, he also ran errands with me earlier that morning and held doors open for me, pushed the cart, told me he loved me 20+ times, gave me numerous bear hugs, AND told me I'm the best mom ever. Yes, he's got me wrapped pretty tightly around that little finger of his! *grin*


Betsy said...

Too stinking cute! He is such a sweet kid.

Kaci said...

What a sweetie!! I wub him!

Shan said...

Completely adorable!!