Thursday, January 5, 2012

I spy something adorable!

And it's Connor in his new monkey hat!!!


At the Winter Breakfast event I helped organize at the kids' school, there were vendors selling all sorts of things lined up along the outer walls. One gal was selling crocheted baby hats and Dan bought Connor a monkey one (CJ's favorite animal, in case you haven't picked up on that by now), not even thinking about if it would even fit him. Not even close. I approached the gal and explained the problem and asked if she could either make a bigger one, or refund us, and she said she'd make a bigger one, no problem (she didn't even charge me extra for it!). We met up with her over Christmas break and got the larger version from her. My little monkey wearing a monkey hat... Totally adorable!


Kaci said...

So very adorable and so CJ!

Betsy said...

That is totally cute!! =)

Shan said...

Soooooo cute!!

Cindy Lou Who said...

love it!