Monday, January 14, 2013

1st Grade Journal

I absolutely get the biggest kick out of reading the things little kids write down. The goofy spelling, the hilarious thought-processes, the wobbly handwriting, etc. It all just makes me SMILE!

Connor came home a few weeks ago with a journal from school (many kids had filled up their journals, so the teacher sent everyone's home and the kids all started again with fresh journals--Connor's is only about 3/4 of the way full). I photographed a couple of my favorite entries.

I love my mom because she makes my bed (at least he appreciates my efforts!)

One day there was a wicked witch. His name was Soromon (sp?). And a nice wizard. His name was Gandaulf (sp?). And Frodo. He is Gandaulf's sidekick. (Frodo described as the sidekick cracked me up! And I LOVE the American flag flying off the tower!!!)

This weekend I watched a horror movie. It was Creature of the Black Lagoon. It was weird. There was blood. (We sound like such good parents when I read through this journal... I do have to add that I laughed out loud where he wrote he watched a "hor" movie. hahaha!)

I am learning to box. I already know how to box. I am only learning to actually beat up people and punch them in the right place. (again, we sound like such good parents!)

I would like to give my mom new yarn. And give her a hug and a kiss right when she wakes up. And give her 10,000 presents and give her 10,000,000 hugs and kisses. (seriously, how adorable is he?????)



Betsy said...

That is so cute!! What grade is he in now? I don't think M has done journaling. I do love some of the papers she comes home with =)

Kaci said...

LOL!!!!!!!!!! I love least he still loves his Momma.