Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Winter "Quilt"

Connor's class had a pajama day earlier this month, and they got to have hot cocoa and do a little sewing project. Each of the kids traced around their hand onto a piece of burlap as if they were wearing a mitten, and then hand stitched around the line they traced. The teacher asked if I could stitch all the pieces together into a quilt and assured me if would be a super fast job. UM...about four hours later I was finally done, and that was even with doing long running stitches and not being super neat and tidy. None of the pieces matched up in size, there wasn't an even number of any of the colors in order to try and do a pattern, and I was ridiculously covered in burlap strings and fuzz by the time I was done. haha! That all said and done, I don't think it turned out too bad!

Connor thought it was REALLY awesome that I got to be the one to put it together, and he said his classmates really liked how it looked, which makes it all worth it.

The four colors of yarn the kids had to choose from were red, purple, white, and light pink. Connor chose white; his is the one on the far left.

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Betsy said...

That is so fun though. I bet he loves that Mommy is so involved in school. =)