Monday, January 21, 2013

Erector Set

It may or may not have taken and me 2-3 hours to finish building the helecopter from the Erector Set he got for Christmas. (stupid teeny tiny screws and nuts!)  He's so far very pleased with it (despite the fact that it tips backwards because it isn't balanced properly, by no fault of our own!).  We've both decided it won't get taken apart for awhile... 

He spent another hour or more (probably more!) using the minimal leftover pieces to build his own little creation, and I think will do fine on his own with this set once we get through another set of instructions or so.  They're a lot more complicated than Lego directions, and the pieces are a lot smaller and trickier, too!  That said, it was a really nice time sitting down, just Jared and I, getting to work on something.  He's often pretty happy left to his own devices (reading, building with Legos, playing the Wii or his iPod, etc), so it was good to have that one-on-one time.

I do have to add that the metal helecoptor blades spin around so fast you can barely even see them.  I worry a bit about what that would mean to fingers/hair/eyes that got too close.  Hopefully, we'll never find out!


Betsy said...

I hope you never figure that out either! Looks like a project well done =)

Kaci said...

Wow that does look tricky. =)