Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Our friends/neighbors just put in a really nice chicken coop and got a bunch of chickens. My three kiddos and a good friend who was visiting us for the afternoon last week got to spend some time holding the chickens and hanging out. They had a BLAST. Especially Connor, who just LOVES animals!

 photo IMG_3424_zpsa289888d.jpg

Yes, I'm aware it looks like Connor is all but strangling that chicken. He'd had a better grip on it and then I said they could put the chickens down and then said, "WAIT!" because I realized the picture I'd taken hadn't worked properly (came out really blurry somehow).

They have some new little "meat" chicks as well. This one has three black dots on it's head, so they've been calling it "Domino". LOVE IT!
 photo IMG_3416_zps75fa68b5.jpg

Jared was very hesitant about picking up the chickens at first, but then got really brave and was enjoying himself. Our little friend had ducks at home for awhile, so had zero qualms handling the the chickens. Connor followed her lead within seconds, and Emily wasn't too far behind either. Connor's already asked numerous times when he can go back again. :)

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Betsy said...

That is so cool! I would really love to have a few chickens of my own, but thus far have not been able to convince Jimmy! lol