Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Swan Lake

Emily Grace LOVES going to see ballet productions, and we hadn't yet seen Swan Lake yet, so I bought us tickets this year. What a beautiful show!

We arrived with some time to kill, so we perused the gift shop, and Em tried on some hats and masks:
 photo IMG_3562_zpsa4dcac05.jpg

 photo IMG_3561_zpsdb323906.jpg

During the first Intermission, we treated ourselves at the concession stand. Em chose this fancy looking cupcake, and I picked out a brownie (which was heavenly)
 photo IMG_3572_zps419dbdb2.jpg

Our favorite scenes in the ballet were where ALL the swans would dance together (24 of them!). They were so in sync and really just FLOATED across the stage. It was incredible. I couldn't find a comparable youtube video for the large swan scenes, but I did find this video (posted below) of one of the smaller swan scenes, which we think is pretty spot-on to what we saw. VERY VERY cool, in our opinion!!! (I did NOT take the video, just found it on youtube). I'd be hard-pressed to dance gracefully on my own, let alone joined to three other dancers doing those moves!


Betsy said...

I am going to look into the ballet around here. I am SURE they have something, and I am sure my girls would love it. At least M. =)

Kaci said...

Looks like so much fun, I so want to take El to those. Soon, I tell ya!