Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hotel Stay

We stayed in a hotel near Dan's work one night over Spring Break, figuring it would be a nice little get-away for the kids, and one night that Dan didn't have a huge commute to work AND would get to sleep in. I picked one with an indoor pool, and the kids and I checked in at 3pm and pretty much headed straight down to the pool to swim while we waited for Dan to get off work

 photo IMG_3587_zpsedad9ca2.jpg

I hung out in the lounge chair with my iPad and read a book on the Kindle app.

About 15 minutes after they started swimming, Connor came shrieking out of pool saying his throat was burning and his ears were gurgling. I quickly realized I'd neglected to put in his ear plugs. BAD MOMMY! Nothing like having chlorine water "gurgle" through your tubes and down your throat for 15 minutes... I'm still not super used to having to do this now that he has the tubes in his ears! I'd even packed extra ear plugs in case any got lost, and then STILL didn't bother to put them in. SIGH! Dried out his ears, got the ear plugs in, and he was good to go. And I was GOOD and didn't forget for any of the other times we hit up the pool during our stay!
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Em wore clothes over her suit down to the pool, but when we had to dash back to the room to get Connor's ear plugs, she didn't want to put her clothes on over her wet suit, so she grabbed up a towel and put on her furry boots (she forgot flip flops) and followed me up to the room. Cracked me up!
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Five Guys burger joint was RIGHT across the street, so we took the kids there for dinner. Connor was obsessed with the free peanuts!
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He got peanut stuff ALL OVER HIMSELF, and when I commented to him that he was making a mess of himself and the floor, one of the employees walked by and said, "Actually, the whole premise of the restaurant is that people are SUPPOSED to throw the shells on the ground, but sales in our west coast stores were way down until we tried out keeping the floors clean. You should see the floors of the east coast stores! So don't worry about what ends up on the floor; it's supposed to happen that way, and someone will come along and clean it up."
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Betsy said...

Looks like you had a fun weekend.

Shan said...

Looks like fun!!

Kaci said...

I love your shoes =)