Thursday, April 11, 2013


We're currently sprucing up the house a bit, in order to make it look nicer (and hopefully SELL QUICKLY). We ripped out some ugly wood paneling from within the entryway, and I got to work mudding and sanding.


Emily Grace took this picture with my cell phone
 photo IMG_3463_zps30d1e3aa.jpg

All the holes and tape lines mudded down one of the two long walls
 photo IMG_3467_zps640f75d1.jpg

Time to sand! Promised Dan I'd wear the respirator he got me...
 photo IMG_3472_zps4e9eabaa.jpg

 photo IMG_3471_zps59988c05.jpg

Didn't think to have a way to clean up my feet before walking to answer the phone (or tell Pandora Radio YES, I'm still listening...), so I had a pretty little trail of white footprints
 photo IMG_3479_zps9245f775.jpg

Messy ME
 photo IMG_3478_zpsef5efd04.jpg

The picture doesn't show very well just how white my hair was from all the dust. Pretty funny!!!
 photo IMG_3485_zpsd5856294.jpg

In the end, I had a nice smooth wall, ready for spackle (which has since been done as well, but I didn't take any pictures of that)
 photo IMG_3483_zps325081a6.jpg

May have taken me five times longer than a professional, but I'm pretty dang proud of my work. *grin*

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Betsy said...

Looks good. And at least you know you will look good with white hair! :P