Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ice Cream Outing

The kids had Spring Break last week, and we took advantage of the extra free time during one of the days to meet up with some besties for ice cream!

The girls' table: (Emily, Madisen, Kaitlyn)
 photo IMG_3580_zpsadb39f2a.jpg

The boys' table: (Cody, Jared, Connor)
 photo IMG_3577_zps37e61cce.jpg

The mommy table: (Me and Stephanie)
 photo IMG_3578_zps4e924c0f.jpg

Emily and I got my all-time favorite, the pink peppermint candy kind, and Jared and Connor got a crazy green and purple kind with little bits of something in it (Rockin' Poppin' something or other... LOL). We were all happy with our choices. :)


Kaci said...


Betsy said...

That sounds SOO good right now!!

grandma Marlee said...

Next time you could see if grandma Marlee was available to join you. I like ice cream!