Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Oh Dear...

I'm pretty sure teeth aren't supposed to come in looking like this...
 photo IMG_3470_zps83903e9a.jpg

Connor is starting to have a funny little lisp because of the crazy position of that front tooth. SIGH!!

Thank goodness for antibiotics, because I got my first ever round of pink eye two weeks ago, and it's as horrible as it looks
 photo IMG_3435_zpsfae71fd5.jpg

My lower eyelid started to hurt when I'd blink on a Tuesday night, and by Wednesday morning, the very rim of my lower lid was a little more pink than normal (where the eyelashes grow out), and both top and bottom eye lids felt tingly. No stinging or burning, just tingly, like your foot when it falls asleep. My eye had never felt like that before so, suspecting Pink Eye, went into Prompt Care. The doctor wasn't ready to confirm pink eye since there was no itching, no goop, and nothing really pink yet (just faintly along the rim of my lower eye lid). He gave me an eye exam "just in case", and since I didn't do very well with my right eye, the doc agreed maybe I was getting pink eye after all. He prescribed me some ointment, but suggested I wait to use it until I saw some more visible symptoms, and gave directions to come back if symptoms worsened and the ointment didn't work. I took the above picture two hours after I filled the prescription. CRAZY how quickly it got bad!

My next picture would have been described: "I'm pretty sure belly buttons aren't supposed to look like this", but Jared refused to let me photograph the suspected return of the umbilical hernia he had as a baby. It's not nearly as big as it was during his first year of life, but there's a definite little bulge, with a definite little "squish" sound when you poke at it. It really grosses him out that he has it, but it's not hurting him, and it's not overly large (nothing anyone would even think twice about, really, unless you're his MOM, and then you can tell something is a little "off").

We like to keep things interesting in this family, can you tell?!?!


Kaci said...

Hope CJ doesn't need anything done...ugh

Betsy said...

I am sure M will need braces. It sucks. :( Both her parents have crooked teeth :( Glad your eye is better though!