Friday, April 26, 2013


Dan took Emily Grace out for sushi a month or so ago and she LOVED IT, and has been begging to get to go again. The boys started asking as well, so this weekend we took them (I ate teriyaki chicken, I'm not brave!).
 photo IMG_3604_zpsf5a82e87.jpg

 photo IMG_3605_zps4751e30b.jpg

Connor was shoveling it in!
 photo IMG_3606_zpsfffeb832.jpg

 photo IMG_3607_zps74351a9f.jpg

Dan, his mom, and the three kids INHALED five sushi rolls, and all three kids were asking for MORE. Connor even started eating the decorative veggie display in the middle. LOL! Won't be a very frequent outing because it was a very expensive lunch, but it's nice they were willing to try something new, and enjoyed it!


Betsy said...

It's good that they are so willing to try new things. =) Glad they enjoyed it! You might look at stores like safeway, they sometimes have it in their deli areas. =)

Kaci said...

Yum! I love sushi, just not Ohio sushi...haven't and will not touch it over here.