Friday, June 22, 2012

Baseball Team

We've had the neatest group of boys and dads on Jared's baseball team last year and this year. It's been so much fun watching their skills improve, and their team unity come together. They've really pulled off some nice plays the last few games. Everyone really gets along and enjoys their time together.

We were supposed to have a mid-week game last week, but the other team was a no-show, so the boys played against the dads instead. I wish I'd thought to take a few pictures!

I did pull them all together afterwards for a group shot, at least!

Here they are with stern faces:

Now they're all looking to the left (another reason I love this group; such a FUN bunch of people!). This picture makes me laugh!

And now looking to the right (or up; there was a bit of confusion!)

A "normal" photo

Then a silly one!

I'll be printing these and passing them out to the families at our end of the year pot-luck next week. Should be a fun night!

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