Monday, June 11, 2012

Newest Pets

I've been neglectful in introducing our three newest pets.  We've had them for about a month or so.

We have Kermit, who was our first frog: (his two favorite places are either IN the tipped over flower pot we put in there as a hiding place, or back BEHIND the tipped over flower pot, wedged into the corner of the tank)

And Jumpy, who was our 2nd frog: (Jumpy is the most active of all three frogs, and we find him climbing all around, dangling from the mesh cover of the tank, etc)

And Miss Piggy, who was our 3rd, and final frog: (Miss Piggy can usually be found right about where you see her in this picture)

Connor would continue adding to the "collection" if he had his way, but I'm not looking to go totally crazy!

We had a little scare yesterday where we couldn't find Kermit ANYWHERE, and Miss Piggy was looking significantly more fat than the day prior...  I was pretty sure she must have managed to eat him, but then a few hours later, Kermit was back.  I have zero explanation for it.  I moved the moss around, checked in all his usual places...  At least he turned up again!

The boys get a kick out of watching the frogs eat the crickets we feed them.  I try to stay hands off the whole cricket thing, but have ocassionally needed to be the one to feed the frogs.  It IS pretty neat to see them snatch up the crickets!

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