Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Happy 6th Birthday, Connor!

Dear Connor,

You were born with a "go get 'em!" attitude, and not much has changed! I've spent the last 6 years watching you explore your world, set and meet your goals, and fight for your fair share of life. I've watched you struggle through frustration and disappointment, giggle through happy times, and I've watched how you share your generous spirit and heart with everyone who comes in contact with you. You are my spark of adventure and "unknown" where I'd otherwise be cautious and reserved. How lucky I am to have you!

You live each day to the fullest, and aren't much bothered by consequences along the way. I tell the story of how I found you, just past your first birthday, standing on the edge of the dining table, crouched and ready to jump (nearly gave me a heart attack!), and Daddy tells the story about how not long after that, he found you standing on the spring horse, fully prepared to take a flying leap. I should have known back then that not much would slow you down when you put your mind to it!

Your fearless, "go get 'em!" attitude has taken you so far already, but your list of accomplishments for this past year include: FINALLY getting the hang of crawl stroke at swim lessons, mastering beautiful dives off the diving board (with a few high-scoring belly flops along the way, which of course, didn't slow you down one bit), learning to read (and moving up a reading group mid-year when you suddenly just took off with your new reading skills), getting fancy on your roller skates, and being willing to continue with Hip Hop, despite being the only boy in the class (and you're the most adorable little hip hopper EVER).

You make me work at being patient, you are a daily example of what a truly generous and loving spirit looks like, you make me feel special when you tell me you love me a thousand times higher than I love you (except I love you TWO thousand times higher than you love me, so there!), you make me laugh, and you make me really think about the world around me (curtesy of the 8 million questions you ask in a single day...). My life is better with you in it!

I am so blessed and thankful that your "go get 'em!" attitude kept you safe through a rocky pregnancy, and that it continues to shape the person you are, and who you're becoming. I know life will always be an adventure with you around, and I look forward to it!

I love you, Monkey (Connor Bonnor, CJ, Bo Bonnor, Little Man...)

Have the happiest and most adventurous 6th birthday.

Love, Mommy

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Kaci said...

Happy Birthday CJ!