Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Summer sessions of swim lessons have started, and we opted to put Jared into the "Intro to Swim Team" program instead of level 8 (the final level of swim lessons). He's been in level 8 for two sessions and has passed everything but the flip turns and starts. When I asked the difference between level 8 and Intro to Swim Team, I was told "a half hour". Basically, Intro to Swim Team is like an hour long level 8 class, instead of the usual half hour. Jared LOVES being in the water, so it seemed a no-brainer. Not to mention he never even seems tired after a normal half hour lesson.

Yesterday was the first class, and I'd say it was slightly more intense than an typical level 8 class. The "warm up" was a 400yd swim (that's 16 long lengths of the pool in case you didn't know)! Jared swam, and swam, and SWAM for an hour. If we thought he was pretty strong and fast before, I can't WAIT to see him at the end of the summer!

I absolutely LOVE watching the boys mastering this whole swimming thing. Connor's crawl stroke is finally a REAL crawl stroke, and he's already picking up speed just from two weeks ago. He's fearless and determined. Jared is like the energizer bunny and he just goes and goes and never seems tired. I'm really excited to see where both of them end up. They've both tried and enjoyed several other activities, but swimming so far is the one they really seem to get excited about and do well with.

Funny to think how last summer, Jared would barely put his face in the water, and Connor's crawl stroke looked more like drowning with style!

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Kaci said...

Wow, that's intense! LOL! Drowning with style...haha!