Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Now that we have wireless Internet at our house (I know, we're seriously behind "the times"!), my kids are LOVING that they can use the free texting app on their iPods, we're loving that my iPad is now usable for more than just games (checking Facebook from my bed in the morning? LOVE! heehee), and Emily is enjoying this little thing called FACETIME.

We've pretty much created a "monster" !! She and her friend Rane Facetime each other several times a week. Or they attempt it... I got onto my iPad yesterday and saw 6 missed Facetime calls from Rane for Emily. *grin*

This was their very first Facetime conversation, which was actually held at the pool during the boys' water polo lesson (we got our wireless router later that afternoon).

It's pretty cute seeing the girls show each other their rooms, their pets, their family members, etc.


Kaci said...

Adorbs! I must be really behind because I refuse to buy a iPad. =) I'd get myself in way too much trouble. LOL!

Shan said...

We have wireless, but the Abby doesn't know how to get it on her ipod. I should let her though, she'd love to text people.