Monday, June 18, 2012

A very strange discovery

Jared hit a baseball into the back corner of the yard, which is full of blackberry vines (These vines were established in the back corner well before we moved into the house, and we've never gotten around to dealing with them). He got a stick and was hacking through the vines to try and find his ball. He suddenly came into the house shouting that he'd found some movies wrapped up in a blue tarp and wondered if I could help him dig them out.

A blue tarp full of movies stashed in the blackberry vines in my backyard?? I was a little weirded out, made the kids back away, and poked around a bit by myself.

Turns out, there were 5 or 6 plastic cases, each containing 8 cassette tapes. Recorded on the cassettes is the Bible, in Spanish. How's that for weirdly random???

The cassettes are in surprising good shape for how long they've had to have been out there. My FIL had this house before us for 7-8 years, and he has no knowledge of them either. Which means they've been out there for a good 20 years (or someone more recently took the time to dispose of them there!)

There was also a large roasting pan full of dirt, and a partially used bottle of shampoo. I stopped digging around after that because we had to hurry and eat our dinner before leaving for swim lessons. I'm curious, yet a little afraid, to see what else might be stuffed under the blue tarp, buried in our blackberry vines!

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Kaci said...

Wow! That's cool!